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Introducing the Hemi Jet!   Introducing the 2009 Hemi Jet, When this Ford Coupe Standard rolled off the line in 1939 Henry Ford could never have imagined it would still be on the road over 70 years later.  And if he had only know what Joe "MadSci" Wilkins had in store for his sporty Ford Coupe he would probably have had a heart attack!  With  power by Chrysler, body by Ford and running gear by Chevy this car is a blend of the best the USA automotive industry has to offer.  When you add the custom Morrison frame and the custom built jet turbine ,with four after burners,  you simply have a machine that is ready to break all the records!
Powerful Hemi Front Engine Custom Hemi up front..... This engine is BUILT!  850 CFM double  pumper carbs with a 671 blower are ridding on top for now, but the parts have just arrived for the alcohol injection system that will turn this monster into a REAL Fire Breather with 1800 horsepower. The engine is now running on gasoline that has been "improved" with a  formulation of the addictive QuickFire. Please check back for more information as we have time to add it to the site.
Hot Stuff For those times when 1800 horses are just not enough a simple flick of the switch adds another 1000 to the mix... Powered by a custom built jet turbine the rear engine is what makes this car special. Four afterburners and 15 gallons of on-board jet fuel turn your everyday country drive into a ride you will never forget!   The jet engine is controlled by a custom built center console that houses the electronics and monitoring equipment for the engine.   

In the News

Hemijet was in the news again on KBTX in Bryan/College Station.

Please check out the interview here!

Hemi Jet was recently featured on the Discovery Channel.

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A note on the Discovery feature from MadSci: "In the film they made a comment that I was trying to set the record. NOT HARDLY The run will be based on top end MPH 1.5- 2.5 mile course, not in 1/8 mile. The car is not even close for that short distance. This was the first time to run the car just to test for problems. Besides we will run fuel injected alcohol plus other surprises when we go for the record."

Hemi Jet won this Corinthian Award at the 2010 Keels & Wheels.

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The Hemi Jet was recently featured on

Channel 13 ABC Houston.

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Hemi Jet wins Outstanding in Class

AND Outstanding Engineered

2009 Houston Auto Rama!


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