About the Inventor

joe2300Joe Wilkins, known as the “Mad Scientist”, is an inventor with a chemistry background.

 His first project involved charcoal lighter fluid and the need to remove unburned volatile organic compounds emitted during burning.  He developed a clean burning charcoal lighter fluid for use in California and received his first Patent on the product.  The new product, despite being better and providing a cleaner, less polluting burn and much higher flash point was never used because the laws were reversed and it was no longer required by law. 

During the development of the charcoal lighter fluid, he began testing new efficient fuels for use in gasoline two and four cycle engines, diesel and jet propulsion engines. It also cold be used as an equal to a 20% nitro methane fuel used in hobby engines.  The success of the projects produced three US Patents and one reissue patent as well as the trademark “QuickFire”.  A new patent has been filed adding a catalyst.

Originally, the fuels were designed for the racing industry to provide more horsepower and torque, thus power and speed.   In the early 90s, fuel cost wasn’t close to the price per gallon it is today and fuel economy wasn’t in the conscious of the general public as it is today.  As the oil/fuel problem exacerbated in this country, as well as around the world, he discovered, within the complex formula of the product, that the economic or fuel economy side was also, very impressive.  Hundreds of tests were performed in all types of engines showing a mileage increase as high as 35% with no damage to the engines.

Another added benefit of QuickFire is its cleaning properties of engine parts as it works like a “tune-up in a bottle”.  The QuickFire product line has been licensed and should be on the market in 2010. 

As the successful testing and outcome of these products continued, he began working on a product for a problem that was affecting him personally, Heartburn/GERD.

MadSci was using two roles of over the counter antacid products to try and control the symptoms and discomfort and realized it was only a band aid for his problem.  He began to study the mechanism of the problem and started his research, initially with himself as his own “guinea pig”; on a new product that he developed that he found eliminated the symptoms he had been experiencing.  A double-blind, placebo controlled study was completed with public volunteers which showed an 89% success rate at eliminating the symptoms of Heartburn/GERD that the participants had been experiencing.  Follow up studies demonstrated a continued absence of symptoms for six months or more with just an occasional use of the product after the initial ten capsule regimen.  In fact, MadSci has not had a return of his symptoms since his initial testing over 15 years ago.  This patented product is currently being sold as “Heartburn Free” by Enzymatic Therapy and “Natural EsophaGuard” by Life Extension

From that success, he began investigating the problems caused by Crohns Disease. He became aware, from family and friends suffering with the symptoms of this disease, that there was not an effective remedy available to control the symptoms, much less cure the disease.   He began his studies with his belief that, as with Heartburn/GERD, the problem is caused by bacteria.

Clinical trials are proving to be very successful and a patented product to relieve the symptoms of Crohns has been licensed to and should be on the market in the near future.

Another problem that caught his attention was cold sores that are caused by the herpes virus.  Again, family and friends suffering from the symptoms precipitated his interest and investigation and to date, over three hundred people have participated in the clinical studies with very successful outcomes.  This patent pending product has been licensed and is being sold on the internet here  Citrumed Website Link

His other patented products include a non toxic biodegradable pesticide that is used to eradicate ants, termites, sod web worms and a variety of other insects and includes an EPA registration. 

Another patented and trademarked product, “Magnachlor” is used to kill mold and mildew on exterior surfaces of buildings and is applied with less than 20 pounds of pressure. It provides a warranty of two years but averages three to four years with no return of algae growth.   Unlike water blasting at 2500-4000 PSI of pressure that can damage the surface of the building and actually feeds the algae and the growth returns in six to eight months

Traveler's Revenge  After years of suffering through bouts of  Montezuma's Revenge Mad Sci developed a product designed to lessen or totaly eliminate the side effects of this bacterial infection.  Montezuma's Revenge is a bacterial infection that commonly occurs while traveling. The human body is unaccustomed to bacteria that occurs in different countries or even different regions of the same country. Abdominal pain, headache and diarrhea are some of the more common side effects.  Mad Sci has developed a product that is effective and easy to use... Take Traveler's Revenge before leaving home and once again at the midpoint of your trip to receive the full benefit of the wonderful product.  Traveler's Revenge will be on the market  Q4 2010 and is expected to provide relief for millions of Travelers world wide..  . 

He is also a registered contractor with the US Department of Defense through one of his companies but can not discuss these projects. 

Mad Sci has many other projects on the drawing board but there just isn’t enough time in a day to complete all that he wishes to accomplish so his “HemiJet” hobby is what keeps him sane!

 The Hemi Jet 

While testing QuickFire fuel additive for jet propulsion, Joe purchased a used jet turbine for trials.  While testing,  he became overwhelmed with the simplicity and the greater than 55,000 RPM the jet produced….That was all it took to hook him!  The search began for a vehicle with a large enough trunk to house the jet.  Once he found the 1939 Ford, it was time to find someone to help with designing the beast.  Doug Leopold, owner of Classic Collision and Restoration in Bryan, Texas was the guy.  Doug was impressed with the idea and we hauled a rolling chassis, motor and body in boxes to his work shops.  The five plus year project was filmed throughout the stages of construction.

An incredible amount of engineering and time went into the project. Joe told us "felt like a new car manufacturer by the end of the project."  The only part that wasn’t reinforced, replaced or added was the all steel body. Understandable the car, from the blown Hemi under the hood to the rear end, is proprietary and the details are confidential.  Once the record is set, hopefully, all specs will be disclosed.  Joe asks that everyone keeps them in your prayers while they attempt the world’s fastest street legal car record.